The Zodiac Signs Kissing – Public vs Private

Zodiac Signs Kissing, let’s see if it matches to your Zodiac Sign…

Zodiac Signs Kissing :*


in public: kisses you firmly and quickly completely out of no where

in private: firmly holds you by the shoulders or side of your neck as they completely pull you into their powerful lips


in public: watches you until they see you have a free moment and will lean over to place a single warm kiss on the corner of your mouth

in private: looks at you with half lidded eyes and absorbs the warmth of your breath before closing the distance between you and their soft lips


in public: probably catches you mid conversation or in the middle of working on something when they attack everywhere but your lips with butterfly kisses; runs off with a cheeky smile when you try to kiss their lips

in private: loves to run their hands through your hair as they give deep and fast paced kisses, and smirking whenever there is a break for air


in public: Wants to hold your hand and has been kissing you at every moment they can get your attention

in private: Likely to have set up candles and rose petals, but then asks your permission before completely rocking your world the rest of the time they have with you


in public: confidently strides up to you, grins, and pulls you in by the back of your neck for a rehearsed and captivating kiss; hopes the whole room sees

in private: lifts you up onto a counter or crawls over you in bed, putting on the performance they’d been ready to give you all day, and not letting up until your moaning into their mouth


in public: waits until no one is around or until they are sure no one is looking before lightly pecking your lips or cheek and then pretending like it didn’t happen with a serious blush

in private: straddles your lap seductively and runs their hands over your chest and shoulders as they ghost over your lips, making you have to really stretch and try to reach them, and then only kiss you long enough to leave you drooling for more


in public: gives you seductive looks, slowly moving closer until they’re practically the only person you are aware is present in the room, and then capturing your lips in purposeful movements

in private: caresses your face gently, but kisses you as if they need you in order to live


in public: Will kiss you for the mere fact that you were having a good conversation with someone else, and does it so possessively that it’s hard to tell if they’re mad at the other person or with you

in private: throws you onto the bed, pinning you there as they nip and lick and kiss all the way up your body before finding your lips


in public: Pecks your lips between complimenting everything they love about you

in private: Lovingly wrestles with you, constantly rolling around on the floor and giving victory kisses every time either one of you is pinned


in public: awkwardly tries to brush your hair out of your face, even if there’s no hair that needs to be brushed away, and shyly tries to kiss you, probably missing your lips

in private: runs through all the techniques they’ve Googled about kissing before trying every single trick in the book on you


in public: uses their finger to tilt your face up, holds your gaze, and then gives you a single reassuring and calming kiss, perfectly placed on your lips.

in private: turns on their favorite album, taking their time with enjoying the music before beginning to lean towards you; eventually nuzzles your face warmly, starting off with cautious kisses and eventually gaining all the confidence in the world with much deeper kisses.


in public: probably uses some sort of game, like The Nervous Game or Truth/Dare, to get you to kiss them; pulls you in by the small of your back.

in private: wraps you in a warm blanket because they want you to be as comfortable as possible as they play with and tease your lips with there’s until you take the initiative to make them really get down to it.

Zodiac Signs Kissing (public vs private), It is also dependent on the person intimacy level, Zodiac Signs kissing can be same as written here and can be different.

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The Zodiac Signs’s Kissing – Public vs Private