‏The Signs As Feelings


playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages.


drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents.


laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you.


skype calls with people you miss, crying after your emotions built up, staying in on a Saturday night.


feeling confident about your appearance, telling your best friends about something that happened to you, wearing a new outfit.


winning an argument, finishing a good book, feeling like not many people understand you.


saying what you think, proving a teacher correct, being afraid of what people would think.


kissing someone you wanted to kiss for the longest time, regretting things you’ve done in the past, opening your curtains in the morning.


doing something you’ve never done before, cuddling with your pet, going to bed late.


feeling excluded, saying a good comeback, saying what you have wanted to say for the longest time.


talking to someone who you know understands you, feeling nervous when looking into someones eyes for too long, never being sure about how you feel.


finishing homework at 2am, watching your favorite movie, playing a song on the piano fluently.

Zodiac Signs as Feelings

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