Once in a while everyone of us had gone to visit a fair , either with our parents or friends 

Something or the other has happened with us in those fair which we still remember as  a memory . So today let’s see what happened to you or to your friends when you had visited a fair according to your zodiac signs. This would also be helpful in telling you about what you may have to face the next time you visit a fair according to your zodiac sign.


Has their arm stuck in the ski-ball machine up to the elbow. Several workers are attempting to help. They cannot do anything . The ski-ball machine has them.

“Very embarrassing “


Scaling the tilt-a-whirl with a socket wrench in their teeth.  We know Taurus people , they do these kind of stuffs on regular basis .

“People watching with wide eyes”


Springing from the shadows and stealing funnel cake from fair-goers. They have a horde in the hall of mirrors.

“Very funny”


In a fistfight.  As if cancer people are born to kill only ….lol

“Scary Environment”


Waiting in line for something. A cloud of dust circles them continuously. Its hard to get a good look at them. But Leo folks are way too beautiful by hearts.

“Upset with the wind blowing” 


Comforting a crying child by telling them about the fair catacombs. They are always very caring to people around them.

“Awww …. so cute”


Mesmerized by the glass blower. They’ve been there for days. Always respecting talent.

“They are true pearl” 


Makes sure the haunted house is properly haunted. None of that store bought shit.

“Fearless people”


Has a hotdog. Overjoyed. They are always happy in little things. That’s why you hardly have a sagi person in depression .

“Happy by heart” 


Constantly lost in a crowd. They are effectively invisible. They move among the fair unseen, yet seeing all.

“Lost in their own world”


Sitting atop the pancake stand and people watching. Several people have told them to come down. They do not. They are lost in thought.

“People shouting – “Hey You ! Mad come down “”


Still in the parking lot. They think that’s the fair. No one knows why they are always so confused. Their friends are waiting for them in the main fair but the Pisces are like that only

“Daydreamer fellas”

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