Opposite/Sister Signs of Zodiac Signs

Aries & Libra– (war vs peace)

Aries and Libra forms the perfect match. Aries are the one who expresses the self forcefully, reckless and spontaneous. Libra  forms bonds, soothing and patient. So its like a combo of tea and sugar all together.

Taurus & Scorpio- (beauty vs darkness)

 Taurus are the one who craves for something interesting in their life. And Scorpio are the ones who keep doing something new so its a great combo. Taurus lives for the beauty of life and Scorpio  is constantly  reminded of what death feels like. This is something like negative poles attract each others.

Gemini & Sagittarius- (trivia vs wisdom)

Gemini are the ones who craves for information literally about every fucking thing on this planet. And Sagittarius are the ones who knows about those things. So they pair up as an amazing made for each other match. Gemini  gathers up as much (random) info as possible, Sagittarius  focuses on understanding it and making Gemini understand it. Lol.

Cancer & Capricorn- (care vs duty)

Cancer are the caring people. They care about literally everyone who is attached to them. Where as Capricorn are the one who will die to make you happy. Cancer loves you and nurtures you and Capricorn  feels responsible for your well-being. Yeah another perfect combination of Vodka  and Ice.  😀

Leo & Aquarius- (love vs connection)

Leos are the hotties, they know how to seduce you with their spicy love. Whereas Aquarius are the one who craves for that wild love. Leo wants to love you, touch you, warm you up and Aquarius  seeks to connect and engage with your mind and body and soul.

Virgo & Pisces- (reality vs fantasy)

Virgo are the perfectionist. Wanna be on top of everything whether its about knowledge of books or sex. Whereas Pisces are the ones whiwho daydreams about these things. Virgo  sorts out the mess of the real world and Pisces  daydreams away the chaos. They both are like the pieces of  a puzzle fixed together.

Sisters Zodiac Signs

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  • May 18, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Can you do a blog on how to win each of the signs’ hearts?


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