Zodiac Couples

Aries + Scorpio:

This is a toxic combination. Each hothead. Each gets angry very quickly. And each are very competitive. They each strive to be the dominant ones in relationships and fight for power. They each come across as overly confident and a little too blunt sometimes so the things that do come out of their mouth when fighting aren’t nice.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: 

These signs are not alike in what they value or in personality type. They truly do not like fundamental things about who the other person is or what they want and will quickly grow resentful of each other and bicker a lot.

Gemini + Virgo:

These two will drive each other CRAZY. The Gemini will feel like a child to the Virgo and the Virgo will feel like an overbearing parent to the Gemini. Their friendship and romantic compatibility are almost zero.

Taurus + Scorpio:

This is arguably the worst combination of any two signs. This pair just seems to bring out the absolute worse in each other. Like a tornado coming into each other’s lives and just ruining everything about the other person. There are some people who just shouldn’t be together and this duo is toxic.

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