Mr. and Mrs. – Zodiac Signs Edition

Zodiac Signs there’s alot to speak about each Zodiac signs, yes it’s true, Mr. and Mrs. edition, tells about your Zodiac Signs both male and female aspects. Let’s begin reading now.


The Warriors, thinks they are never wrong, Mr/Mrs confident, pioneering spirit, puts their self first, is dynamic, is rational. Can be competitive.


The Sensualist, Mr/Mrs. practical, cautious, wants to possess, late bloomer, nature lover, hidden intuition, needs security, Food lover, Brand conscious.


The Communicator, Mr./Mrs. social butterfly, observant, intelligent, quick, jokester, wants to explore others, needs to know themselves, always moving.


The nurturer and protector, lives in cycles, private, understanding, family is everything, needs reassurance, loves hard, always help others.


The Leaders, Mr/Mrs. creative, wants it all, “lives for the applause”, is loving, they wear their crown, lion heart, Wants to be appreciated.


 The Organizer, student, Mr/Mrs. Perfectionist, detail-oriented, logical and practical with feelings, wants to serve, very caring, loyal as hell.


The lover, peace keeper, Mr/Mrs. dreamer, all about aesthetics, friendly, NEEDS balance, fears and hates conflict more than anything.


The Manipulator, Mr/Mrs. mysterious, sexy, intense, assassin, wants protection and understanding, goes deep, ride or die, their eyes! That’s it.


The Wild and free, Mr/Mrs. independent, funny, optimistic, impulsive, blunt, fast, energy, ideas, morals, always moving forward, adventurous.


The Pragmatist, Mr./Mrs. workaholic, their inner fire exist but is crystallized, snarky, faithful, responsible, hard, needs stability, Deep introverts.


The Visionary, Mr./Mrs.rebel, independent, hippie, army of one, forgetful, kooky, neon, electric, wants to make a change, love to help others.


The Psychic, Mr./Mrs. hopeless romantic, artist, sensitive, wants to love, gets it, will be what you need, like water they carve, keep emotions inside.

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Mr. and Mrs. – Zodiac Signs Edition