I’M A GENIUS – Zodiac Signs Edition

Zodiac Signs as Genius, I’m a Genius, all the Zodiac Signs have their own speciality and perfections/disperfections. In this blog we will read about genius traits of a Zodiac Signs. Let’s proceed with the blog now.


You’re naturally smart. Your instincts are right on and you intuitively know the right answers. When you put this natural ability with regular book learning, your knowledge is limitless. You’re not afraid to experiment and test out your theories about things. You even learn from your failures, for you simple readjust and try again.


It’s your determination that makes you so smart. Once you put your mind to something, whether it’s remembering an equation or governmental laws, you won’t stop until it’s locked away in your brain. If you need to learn how to do something, it’s that concentration that makes you learn it, and once learned, you’ll remember it always.


Geminis are one of the most brilliant of the star signs. Your brain power is scary good. There’s no subject that you can’t talk about, you have the ability to grasp hard-to-understand concepts, and you’ve got a quick wit. You excel at communication of all kinds including speech and the written word. From music to philosophy, there’s nothing that you can’t master.


Your intuitiveness and adaptability add to your overall brilliance. You know how to adapt to any situation which is an asset, especially in business. You seem to know what people need before they do and you’re able to deliver it. You’re also good at knowing the language of the heart and how emotions play in our lives. You know that a good decision is one made with both the heart and the head.


You’re a leader and you know what to say and do to make people follow you. As with anyone who is influential to others, you have the self-confidence to back up what you say and you’re very logical so your decisions make sense to everyone. You know what to do to take care of the people that you love and yourself. If you don’t know the answer to something, you know where to get it.


Some people think of you as a know-it-all because you actually seem to know everything! You’re constantly learning, expanding your mind and research. There are few things that you can’t fix, problems you can’t solve, or concepts that are too big for you to wrap your head around. You’re what we like to call a Smarty Pants.


You’re psychologically smart because you’re able to read people. You seem to know what someone’s going to do before they even do it and you’re able to prevent things from becoming uncontrollable. You’re wise and give fantastic advice. If you’re not a therapist, I bet your friends think of you as their personal mental health professional.


You’re impossible to con; there’s something in your brain that alerts you to potential trouble and scams. You will not be duped, used, or mislead. You have some kind of bullsh*t meter in your head that lets you see through lies and liars. and can’t be manipulated but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the skills to make other people do what you want them to do. One can be extremely focused too which indicates that you’re very intelligent.


You’re smart in the way that you enthusiastically embrace change and you’re able to get the most out of new experiences. You’re always learning, though it’s usually not in a formal setting; it’s by the way you put yourself out there and you try different things. You never let negative experiences influence or stop you from exploring new things.


You’re a genius at finances. You can balance a budget, find new ways to cut costs, and you’re creative enough to figure out how to make money on investments and new projects. You’ve got a strong mind and you’re determined so you’re able to stay on a steady path. You solve problems as they come up and you keep on going. You’re also able to see the humor in things and that takes a strong intellect


You have a very scientific and rational way of solving problems. You’re innovative and inventive — your ability to think outside the box makes you brilliant. You like to experiment and to learn from when they’re successful and when they fail. It’s that ability to learn from your mistakes that make you smarter than most people.


Your vast creativity is indicative of your big brain. You have a strong imagination and you’re very inspired by it. You meld both the emotional and the intellectual parts of yourself and you put them into your art. It may be a piece of art or a project but whatever you do is unique and creative.

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I’M A GENIUS – Zodiac Signs Edition