• Aries A: Independent, hates people interfering in their business, prides themselves on the quality of their work.
  • Aries B: Impulsive, craves adventure and excitement, hates working on things they don’t enjoy.


  • Taurus A: Knows they have excellent taste, loves when people follow their recommendations.
  • Taurus B: Never has time to do the things that give them pleasure, wishes they could expand their horizons.


  • Gemini A: Always surrounded by friends but never anyone they can share their deep secrets with.
  • Gemini B: Has a few close friends that they wouldn’t trade for anything, but wishes they could meet some new people.


  • Cancer A: Hates confrontation, but if people cross them they will ignore them for long time.
  • Cancer B: When in arguments they know exactly what to say, always stands their ground.


  • Leo A: Creative, wants to make a serious career out of their passion even though people doubt them.
  • Leo B: Wishes they could express themselves more but worried people will judge them.


  • Virgo A: Organised and hardworking but very shy, introverted.
  • Virgo B: Quite outgoing but sometimes gets shy around new people and those they have history with.


  • Libra A: Loves luxury things but can’t afford them, dreams of being rich.
  • Libra B: Not concerned with wealth but will spend big on things they really want.


  • Scorpio A: Very ambitious but is worried they won’t fulfil the big expectations they have for themselves.
  • Scorpio B: Is lazy but knows they have potential they aren’t fulfilling.


  • Sagittarius A: Open minded and concerned with getting justice and equality for everyone.
  • Sagittarius B: Knows there are problems with society but doesn’t have the resources or time to address them.


  • Capricorn A: Hardworking, doesn’t know when to give themselves a break.
  • Capricorn B: Tries to stay focused but gets distracted, wishes they were more organised.


  • Aquarius A: Fashionable,spends too much of their money on clothes.
  • Aquarius B: Prides themselves on having an eclectic style, doesn’t follow conventional trends.


  • Pisces A: Always in a relationship or being romantically/sexually pursued, rarely takes time to be single.
  • Pisces B: Always thinking about love but generally unsuccessful in finding a partner.

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