Deep Zodiac Signs

Deep Zodiac Signs, yes let’s know about them deeply, inner feelings and a little more.


masculine energies. very physical, body oriented. touchy-feely. fast pace of movement. very upfront. perky and zealous. loud laughter, but you know when they’re upset because the heat and irritation radiates off them, hard to ignore.


stable and centred. empathic. slow pace of movement. grounded, calming presence. a face you want to tell all your problems to. very still, can be lazy languid at times. funny and charming, deep laughs and kind eyes.


two styles – dark, introverted, hard shell, may come across intimidating at first. once part of their trusted inner circle, they are excellent conversationalists, able to engage in complex conversations with the blend of empathy and rationale, feeling and thought. second are more extroverted, easily connects with all sorts of people, (sometimes superficially). high energy either viscerally through body or intellectually through speech


calm, still and contemplative. The moon’s pull of the ocean can draw you in to an embodying embrace, or pull you under if the mood befalls them. communicates in feelings, can change the energies in a room unconsciously


brazen and gregarious. loud laughter. energy and joy radiates. expression, vivacity. warmth. Shares passions ambitions and encourages you in your own. feel energised after being around them. fun and authentic, no pretences


quiet…may come off as reserved or even hard to get to know. hard shell. However, when you speak to them, they are kind, prioritise kindness over niceness. they see through superficiality, and will waste no time on those they regard as inauthentic.


graceful, light on the feet. balanced. elegance to their movement. quiet, but balanced. still and contemplative. Conflict averse, harmonious, easy to talk to. easy to feel comfortable around. similar to pisces, but libra ascendants tend to be a bit more aloof


enigmatic and charismatic. mysterious and seductive, draws people in. a quiet, strong intensity emanates from them. Masters of persuasion and charm, eyes that see past lies, sarcastic humour.


visceral , always moving, hard to stand still. enjoys throwing themselves into the heart of the action. Experience things through the body, feelings are not hidden, but drawn out through physical experience. engaging


bit of the outsider looking in, carries out things diligently. blunt communication style. slow movement but very reliable. Rooted in realities, once behind a cause (whether person, or conceptual) it is hard for them to budge. stable and clear cut


can be slightly blunt. quirky and aloof. very observant, unafraid to voice oppositional or different views. Rebellious free spirited and channels energies through creative and/or intellectual endeavours……literally a breath of fresh air, see things in a different way around them, curiously


adapts to environments. good listeners. quiet, deep eyes. contemplative. sympathetic, soft. Feel at peace with yourself when you are around them…..matches energies in room naturally, genuine care and can get lost in intimate conversation.

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Deep Zodiac Signs