Studying for Exams (Zodiac signs Edition)

Zodiac Signs Studying for Exams styles, like what they before their exams, or how they do last moment preparation. Studying for Exams. Let’s read the blog now.


Gets books out to study, arranges coloured pens neatly, tilts pretty lamp for perfect lighting, gets out the macbook and highlighters… spends 3 hours setting up the shot, adding filters, then instagrams it to make them feel like they’ve done work.


Maintains the perfect 3 minutes of work : 3 hours of sleep ratio (somehow still passes).


Keenly studying… the contents of every Netflix show. LOL YES :D. Or making cheats for the exams at the last moment .


Putting on music to help them study, then getting triggered by the music and spends the next 4 hours reading through old conversations with their ex.


Does other productive shit to make them feel less guilty like run, clean the house, learn 5 languages… anything to avoid actually studying for what they need to be studying for.


Scrolling through their dream life on Pinterest which requires $$$ to achieve which requires good grades. Looking out for trending videos on YouTube or surfing out for article’s. But When they study they do it with great concentration.


*Writes date and title* *makes themselves a candlelit bath* TREAT YO     S E L F, LOVE UR SELF, DRINK WATER, TAKE BREAKS, UWU !! That’s the entire journey for study 😀


…I can always be a stripper. Lol in a deep  thinking of future.  And work their hardest to be the best.


Making travel plans for after their exams finish. And actually scoring good marks beyond their imagination.


Actually studying. But interrupted with some deep thoughts a times.


Deconstructing the educational system, convincing themselves exams do not measure our true intelligence and in turn are meaningless.


1 hour of work for every 10 hours of crying / complaining / moaning / worrying / procrastinating (about) it.

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Studying for Exams (Zodiac Edition)