Signs that the Zodiac Signs like you:


– probably texting u a lot
– touchy feely as hell
– will be pretty direct
– confident anywhere but around you

– will tease u
– does small but significant things for u
– makes lots of jokes
– will never be blunt

– very flirty
– constantly stalking u tbfh
– laughs like 3x harder than usual
– and probably extremely extroverted

– has deep convos with you
– asks u about UR health
– becomes a bit more clingy
– will def want to hang out with u at 2am

– prepare for showing off 24/7
– gets embarrassed if they make themselves look like an idiot
– if they REALLY like u they’ll share their insecurities
– super selfless toward u

– comes out of their shell
– may even flirt a little;)) who knew??
– lit changes their day to make urs easier
– will be very shy and flustered

– will want to be with u 24/7
– flirty and smiles lOTs
– probably plays hard to get with u
– not to forward/ direct with emotions

– one minute they are clingy and pay ALL their attention 2 u + the next they are distant n cold
– deep convos allll day
– will tease u, but reassures u it’s a joke
– has a special place for u in their heart

– literally probably will just tell u bc they love hard in the moment and cannot hide it
– NO boundaries.
– will do lil surprises for u
– so unpredictable?? Wants to take u to all their rebellious adventures

– loosens up around you
– will speak a lot about themselves, especially things that mean a lot to them
– may be shy and a bit blunt, but that’s because they’re scared to mess up
– most likely won’t tell u for ages

– looking ? at u all the time
– a lot of communication
– you will most likely have to look in between the lines to see if this sign likes u
– teasing

– wants to share ideas and emotions with u
– probably stares at u for a weird amount of time but only because they’re daydreaming into ur eyes
– speaks about the future with you
– cares a LOT for u