Monthly Horoscope of all Zodiac signs .
What if you get to know about what’s going to happen around you , according to your sign . That will be great nah !
So here’s your Monthly Horoscope .

Aries Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

 A harmonious Sun-Moon trine on February 4 helps you obtain and achieve the things you think you want most in life. Did you just find the key to unlock the door to happiness? That’s anybody’s guess, but when you feel you’re winning, you’re just happy to be ahead of the competition.

A new moon in Aquarius on the fifteenth outlines potential upcoming career and networking opportunities, but you must be willing to think outside the box to take full advantage of them. And because this moon is also part of a partial solar eclipse, there is perhaps more riding on your decisions than you know. Choose wisely.

As the moon spends time in your sign on the nineteenth and twentieth, you’re impatient to move ahead. Jumping the gun could leave you in a bad spot, though, because you miss out on the subtle nuances that everyone else is paying attention to. In other words, Aries, you may get physically ahead, but you’ll be mentally behind.

A Mercury-Neptune conjunction on February 25 causes unfortunate miscommunications, which could interfere with a scheduled teleconference or romantic date. Think carefully about what you say before you say it, because the repercussions of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could last a long time.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

The month starts off with talkative Mercury already in open-minded Aquarius, so communications are casual and fluid. You find yourself considering things that you wouldn’t normally consider. Your worldview changes considerably when you open your mind and consider new and different perspectives.

A one-day struggle between the sun and moon on February 7 leaves you questioning if you really want the things you thought you wanted, and this existential conundrum weighs heavily on your mind. You could have a hard time letting go of things (and maybe people) you know aren’t necessary or helpful in your life, but you aren’t alone, Taurus. This is a struggle for most.

A new moon on February 15 indicates the end of a cycle and offers you the chance to make a fresh start. Adopt a positive new outlook as you leave behind the negative. Yes, sometimes it really is that easy.

The moon spends time in your persistent sign on the twenty-first and twenty-second, so whatever you’ve committed to you’ll see through to the bitter end. Once you set your sights on something, quitting isn’t really an option you even consider.


Gemini Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

The moon’s quick journey through organized Virgo on February 2 and February 3 helps you get your thoughts in order. You enjoy the small daily tasks (like running errands and grocery shopping) that make your life go a little more smoothly, and you don’t mind being the one to clean up after dinner or tidy the house.

Lovely Venus moves into peace-loving Pisces on the tenth, so your love life takes on a softer glow. The last thing you want to do is argue just for argument’s sake, which is quite a departure for a debate lover like you. Now that you’re a bit more sensitive to other people’s feelings, compliments flow a little more easily and forgiveness comes naturally.

The moon spends time in your chatty sign on February 23 and February 24, highlighting the duality of your personality. Up one minute and down the next, you’re something of an emotional roller coaster, which leaves people who don’t know you well scratching their heads and wondering what your deal is. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your behavior, though, and a Sun-Moon trine on February 25 helps wash away the disharmony. Can’t we all just get along?!


Cancer Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

Beauty and charm are present in excess during an Aquarius Sun-Libra Moon trine on February 4, which you use to your full advantage. You have a sense of inner peace that gives you confidence and allows you to expand your horizons, which leads to happiness and success down the road.

Mercury enters fellow water sign Pisces late on the seventeenth, at which point communication gets somewhat tricky. This meeting between logic and emotion can be difficult to navigate as you waver between just stating the facts and going into an emotional diatribe. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are probably a given, so do the best you can and try not to get too hung up on people’s reactions to your verbal missteps.

A Venus-Mars square on February 25 could cause relationship problems, especially if there is any underlying (and unaddressed) sexual tension. It isn’t always easy to be direct about your desires, but you aren’t fooling anyone if you think you’re hiding them.

The moon is your ruler, and as it spends time in your sign on the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth, you feel its strong emotional tug. Everything pulls at your heartstrings, and nothing is insignificant when it comes to what and who you love.

LEO Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

The moon is in your sign to start the month, and you may crave even more love and attention than normal. The desire to create things is also there, but laziness and procrastination could get in the way of your big ideas. Luckily, you aren’t too hard on yourself because you’re able to rationalize away most of your questionable behavior.

A new moon in quirky Aquarius on the fifteenth offers an opportunity to do something that you’ve perhaps never done before, and you might be surprisingly good at it. Your ability to let go of your inhibitions and listen solely to intellect helps you advance in a lot of different areas.

A Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on February 21 puts a very mellow, dreamlike veil over your entire love life, bringing to light some very interesting romantic scenarios. You’ll inevitably encounter times when you feel as though you have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming, but you’ll soon see signs that let you know all of this is very, very real.

You end the month as you started, with the moon once again visiting your sign on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth. Avoid sulking if your ego gets stepped on. With this many balls in the air, you’re bound to drop one.


Virgo Monthly Horoscope
{February 2018}

You have a strong urge to get all your stuff organized when the moon spends time in your sign on February 2 and February 3, and you conduct most of your affairs with a very precise and almost businesslike approach. It’s okay to have high standards for yourself, but don’t expect everyone else to conform to your militant quest for perfection.

You’re in touch with your softer side when the sun enters sensitive Pisces on the eighteenth, and it’s kind of nice to be in tune with your emotions. Spend your spare time in the coming months writing poetry, trying out new recipes, or otherwise indulging your creative side.

February 21 feels the effects of a dreamy Venus-Neptune union, and with it comes the strong urge to ignore the reality of a situation in exchange for an idealized version of the truth. You can only put real life off for so long before you have to face it head-on. Deep down, you know this, Virgo, but you’d do anything to avoid the unpleasantness that you fear is just around the corner.

A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-fifth doesn’t do much to ease your pain, as there may be increased tension in a close personal or romantic relationship. Competing with your best friend or lover is awkward at best.


Libra Monthly Horoscope {February  2018}

A gentle trine between the sun in eccentric Aquarius and the moon in your social sign on February 4 creates a general feeling of optimism and well-being, and all seems right with your world. As a bonus, you get an appealing dose of charm that you can use to get out of most of the precarious situations in which you find yourself.

The new moon in fellow air sign Aquarius matches up with a partial solar eclipse on the fifteenth, making it an iffy environment in which to make final decisions. You tend to consider all sides of an issue in a logical way, which is good, but there’s way too much up in the air right now to decide for sure one way or the other.

Your suspicion grows under a Mars-Neptune square on February 17, and you don’t like feeling taken advantage of. Does someone new to your life have ulterior motives? Always be on the lookout for things that aren’t what they appear to be.

An emotional Cancer moon on the twenty-sixth brings your month to a nostalgic close, and you could reminisce about how things used to be. You can’t go back in time, but you can try to recreate a feeling you’ve been missing lately.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope
{February 2017}

A tug of war between the Aquarius sun and the moon in your sign on February 10 could cause arguments and a general feeling of contempt for unexplained reasons. Watch your demeanor and what you may be projecting to the world. There’s a lot more to you than the look on your face portrays, but it might stop people from even approaching you to find that out.

A challenging Mars-Neptune square on February 17 could bring deception and lies, and you’ll have to work extra hard at deciphering people’s true intentions. This isn’t a good time to try to make any big decisions, especially when you just don’t know who you can trust.

You get super creative when the sun enters fellow water sign Pisces on the eighteenth. You know that notebook full of DIY ideas? This is the time to pull it out and get to work. With your determination combined with the ability to dream, courtesy of Pisces, you can make some very cool concepts come to life.

Miscommunications seem to be standard when talk-centered Mercury and fuzzy Neptune meet up on February 25, and you really don’t like looking foolish. Sometimes even the third time isn’t the charm, but you aren’t one to give up.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

You seek out justice and balance as the moon spends time in fair-minded Libra on February 4 and February 5, but you won’t be happy unless you have the last say. After all, what’s the point of taking a side if you aren’t going to win?!

Once you drive your point home, you’ll be more content to sit back and bask in love’s glory when Venus spends time in gentle Pisces beginning on the tenth. When you finally find someone worthy of your love, you love that person unconditionally, which has its positive and negative points. Ever the idealist, you aren’t quick to let go of a dream, but you’ll know when it’s time to loosen your grip.

The sun enters artistic Pisces on February 18, so midmonth is a perfect time to try a new medium. Acrylic or watercolor painting isn’t your thing? Try pottery. Or jewelry making. Anything that gets your creative juices flowing is favored.

The Leo moon shouts “look at me” on the twenty-eighth, and you’ll go to great lengths to make sure your talents get noticed (whatever they may be). If you’ve ever wanted to put on a one-person show, do it now!

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope
{February  2017)}

You feel at one with the earthy energy of the Virgo moon on February 2 and February 3, and while you probably won’t make any overt moves, you show you care about lovers and friends by taking care of their everyday business for them. Running errands and fixing things around the house aren’t glamorous jobs, but they’re necessary and praiseworthy.

When the heated sun opposes karmic Jupiter on the tenth, there’s a distinct push-pull kind of vibe. There are so many different options in front of you, but they all seem to have a downside in one way or another. Do the best you can and hope for the best, Capricorn.

A hard Mars-Neptune square gives off low or negative energy on February 17, and you aren’t sure who you can trust. You’re a forgiving person, but once you get burned you aren’t likely to go back to the scene of the crime anytime soon.

Another square between passionate Venus and powerful Mars sets off sparks on the twenty-fifth, and healthy relationships will undergo a healthy boost in sexual appetite. If you’re single and looking, get ready for some tough competition for your crush’s affections. If he or she is someone worth fighting for, dig in your heels and dedicate yourself to winning that heart.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope
{February  2018}

One thing’s for sure: You won’t be bored during the trine between the Aquarius sun and the Libra moon on February 4. You have a lot of varied interests, and with all you have on your mind there’s never a dull moment. Your charm and charisms propel you toward very interesting conversations, discussions, and debates, too, so your social calendar is likely to be full for as long as you’d like it to be this month.

An interesting square between the sun and procrastinating Jupiter on the tenth makes you hesitate before accomplishing even the simplest of tasks, but putting things off now could present a major challenge in the future. The sooner you figure out that being productive is only a state of mind (and not as much work as you think), the sooner you can get back on track.

An aggressive Aries moon puts you in a competitive mood on February 19, but being overly focused on winning makes you miss the point of most races and contests. Seeing your fellow humans as individuals rather than just faceless competitors helps you adjust your attitude and enjoy the process instead of being singularly focused on dominating the field.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope
{ February  2018}

When the emotional moon spends time in deep, watery Scorpio on February 6 and February 7, you seek out emotional intensity. You’re drawn to people who are also intrigued by the mysteries of life, and you prefer to make deep rather than trivial connections.

A new moon and partial solar eclipse generate intense energy on the fifteenth, but while it’s synonymous with changes on the horizon, it isn’t time to panic. Accept the things you cannot change, and grow from experiences that alter you in any way.

Mercury enters your sign late on February 17, which isn’t always the best matchup. Mercury is interested in taking the logical approach to communication, and your language skills tend toward the flowery and romantic. For the next four weeks, you can expect some fuzziness around the edges, and you may not be able to count on people to do exactly what they say they’ll do (yourself included).

The sun (still in your sign) trines the Cancer moon on the twenty-fifth, highlighting personal relationships (especially with females). This harmonious time is soothing for your soul. It’s nice to have close friends to lean on who will celebrate (instead of interfere with) your success.



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