Your horoscope can affect you in your choosing of partners, but it also dictates how many great love will you have in your live.

There are only 3 zodiac signs that experience a true love once in their lives! Are you one of them? Continue reading to find out!



You will love greatly 3 times in your life. The people born in this sign are skeptical when it comes to love, so that often tend to run back to the arms of their exes.


Taurus is a sign that only truly loves once. When Taurus loves, they are ready for whatever happens with their loved one. People born in this sign can decide, without even thinking, to spend their lives in monogamy.


Geminis have 3 big loves in their lives. These people tend to seek an absolute happiness until the end of their time, regardless of their emotional state. More often love comes to their lives 3 times and they always believe it’s the right one.


Cancers can fall into the net of love twice in their lives. If they’re disappointed the first time, they’ll spend a large amount of time on their own before searching for the second love. And when they find it, they give all they have once again.


Leos love constantly. They’re always dedicated to some new romance. Leos are conquerors who don’t have emotional problems, even if there’s a chance for them to be cheated on or hurt.


Virgos can love only twice. This is a really doubtful and skeptical sign, when it comes to love at least. They have a hard time letting someone new completely taking over their world.


Libras are the same as the Leos – they can love equally all of their partners. Even if they are really sad, they are ready to start a new relationship with undamaged heart.


Scorpios only love once. People born in this sign can have a lot of adventures, but they can truly love someone only one time. For Scorpios love isn’t just physical, but something deeply emotional.


Sagittariuses have 4 great loves in their lives. They’re experienced in this area, so to stay with someone on the long run, they will have to make some compromises.


Capricorns love only twice in their loves, but it’s with difficulties, as they’re having a real hard time showing their emotions. Also, it’s their considerable individuality that makes them end relationships.


Aquariuses have 3 great loves in their lives, including the people they’re cheating with. They have the tendency to search for the perfect partner who’s going to be both their friend and their lover.


Pisces only love once and it’s only that one person. When they meet the person that they think is the right one, they give in to their partner’s desires and don’t even think about looking around.

How many time you will fall in love according to your Zodiac signs ?

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