What Aries Likes: Loud music, parties, friends, fights, sporting events, being outdoors, action movies.

What Aries Doesn’t Like: Being quiet, waiting, not being in charge, compromises, rainy days, being bored.


What Taurus Likes: Luxury, art, gourmet food, security, safety, money, class, lazy days.

What Taurus Doesn’t Like: Being rushed, cheap things, instability, loud people, being wrong.


What Gemini Likes: Other people, drinking, books, travel, knowledge, children, flirting, comedy, puzzles, debates.

What Gemini Doesn’t Like: Close-mindedness, commitment, boredom, serious people, black and white movies.


What Cancer Likes: Comfort, movies, romance, flowers, comfort food, money, being home, children.

What Cancer Doesn’t Like:Negativity, aggression, cruelty, lack of sympathy, opening up, being away from home for too long.


What Leo Likes: Being strong for others, good food, patience, loyalty, high fashion.

What Leo Doesn’t Like: Criticism, lack of loyalty, working, dependence, boredom, quietness.


What Virgo Likes: Advising others, nice pens, reading, writing, cult films, organization, eating healthy.

What Virgo Doesn’t Like: Being criticized, loud places and people, brutality, poor quality of life.


What Libra Likes: Peace, happiness, fashion, makeup, relationships, romantic gestures, admiration.

What Libra Doesn’t Like: Fighting, being ignored, helplessness, making large decisions.


What Scorpio Likes: Tranquility, silence, indulging, sneaking around, secrets, trust, mysteries.

What Scorpio Doesn’t Like: Liars, ruckus, guilt, pain, hoarding emotions, being overwhelmed.


What Sagittarius Likes: Freedom, travel, exotic things, spirituality, old churches, knowledge, philosophy, drugs.

What Sagittarius Doesn’t Like:Growing old, feeling restricted, being chased, judgmental people, skepticism.


What Capricorn Likes: Success, self care, ambition, logic, rationality, quietness, conservative thinking

What Capricorn Doesn’t Like:Clinginess, expressing themselves, losing control, laziness, change.


What Aquarius Likes: Technology, science, wisdom, travel, friends and family, surprises, helping others.

What Aquarius Doesn’t Like: Feeling helpless, close-mindedness, authority figures, prejudice.


What Pisces Likes: Arts, sleeping, New Age, compassion, love, escape, religion, music, romanticism.

What Pisces Doesn’t Like: Stress, heartbreak, lack of understanding, rules, criticism, responsibility.

LIKES and DISLIKES of the Zodiac Signs

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